York Liberal Democrats support new policy to improve Health and Adult Social Care

York Liberal Democrats have joined calls to take significant measures in protecting our NHS and providing genuine support to health and adult social care in the UK.

Led by Baroness Jolly, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Health, the Liberal Democrats are now calling for a series of immediate measures to be taken:

  • Investing the full £4 billion the NHS needs, funded by a 1 penny rise on the pound in Income Tax
  • Providing an extra £2 billion for adult social care, funded by a 1 penny rise on the pound in Income Tax
  • To introduce a NHS Passport, guaranteeing the rights of 59,000 EU Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals in the UK
  • Reinstating student nurse bursaries
  • The creation of a national scheme for blood pressure monitoring

In addition to these immediate proposals, there are also several longer-term measures included within the new policy direction, with key proposals including:

  • Bring forward the £1.3 billion investment due for 2021
  • End the use of out of area placements
  • Bring waiting times for mental health in line with those for physical illness
  • Mental health support teams to be made available for each school
  • Better integration of the health and adult social care systems, to improve coordinated responses to patient treatment

In York, historic underfunding of the region and recent pressures exacerbated by the Winter Crisis have put York Hospital and our Adult Social Care System under considerable strain.

In response, the York Liberal Democrats have secured over £3 million investment in York's Adult Social Care system, to tackle issues such as delayed transfers of care and to ultimately protect the most vulnerable in the City.

Councillor Carol Runciman, Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said:

"I am very pleased to support our party's renewed policy to protect and improve health and adult social care across the UK."

"In York, I and my party colleagues have already acted to invest in our adult social care system, but much more is needed nationally to truly secure its future.

"With our new policy direction today, the Liberal Democrats seek to direct real investment into health services, support staff across all sectors and to raise the bar for mental health services."

"It is incredibly important that we address these issues seriously and think creatively to solve some of the present problems.  The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to do so, both in York and across the Country."


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