York Liberal Democrats back Every Child Empowered

The York Liberal Democrats have given their backing to the party's new and major policy on driving educational reform in the UK; Every Child Empowered.

The policy, which was overwhelmingly approved at Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, proposes several key changes, including:

  • Abolish Ofsted, to be replaced with a new progressive inspection system
  • Removal Key Stage 1 & 2 SATs and replacing them with teacher moderated tests.
  • Protection of per pupil funding, in real terms.
  • Trebling the Early Years Premium to £1,000
  • Lifting the pay cap for Teachers.
  • Expansion of the College of Teaching.
  • Replacement of the current curriculum, with the help of experts and not politicians.
  • Reform of School League tables and instead, replace with qualitative judgements for parents to read.

Liberal Democrats Councillors previously highlighted in a motion to Full Council in December 2017, that schools in York are the worst funded, per pupil, when compared to any other local authority area in the Country and fundamental changes are needed to address the disparity of funding in York.

Cllr Keith Aspden said:

“Under the new Schools National Funding Formula, the Government is imposing real term cuts on schools by freezing per-pupil funding, while school costs, staff salaries, employer pensions and national insurance contributions, increase."

“In York, schools will continue to remain the worst funded than any other local authority area in the Country and combined with the national crisis in teacher recruitment, changes are needed to fix our current system.”

“I am extremely pleased that the I and my colleague, Cllr Carol Runciman, were able to support our new policy direction today.  With this policy, we can push for great strides to create a new, practical and rejuvenated education system for York and the UK.” 


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