Wheldrake – Friday Evening Bus Service

Are you aware of our Friday evening bus service? Do you use it?


I would welcome your thoughts on the value of the services and the time it runs to and from the city. During the worst of the pandemic we weren’t really going anywhere but last August when restrictions relaxed up to 26 people were using the Friday evening bus. It means you can go into York, have a meal, have a drink, go to the cinema or the theatre without having to worry about parking or driving. And the subsidy is just £3000 a year for the whole village! That’s just a few pence a month on the parish council precept.


The pandemic is lifting and the social distancing restrictions are slowly lifted making bus travel easier once again. As we try to create a low carbon future to protect us and future generations from climate change, public transport can have an important part to play. How could the bus service be improved? What would make you more likely to use it?

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