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Welcome to Christians's new webpage, now part of the York Liberal Democrats website.

Christian Vassie and the Local Liberal Democrats work all year round for the Whekdrake Ward, keep up to date with local news and campaigns posted here.

Wheldrake's Wildlife Verges

We have seen a wonderful transformation of the Landscape around Wheldrake. The Verges Project has been a huge success with around 30 species of
wildflowers , and a large numbers of pollinators being spotted! 


The Project is not over however, we still have lots of the challenges ahead, and yet, we have seen how resilient and persistent Mother nature can be when given the change to thrive! If we don't remove the arisings then the Wildflowers will struggle to survive. We are continuing to explore options as how best to tackle them. 

Say No to the Mow

Last week these verges on the A19 by Deighton and on Wheldrake Lane between Crockey Hill and Wheldrake - were a sea of wildflowers providing a habitat and food for pollinators and other wildlife.

This week they are just another crime scene.

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Wheldrake – Friday Evening Bus Service

Are you aware of our Friday evening bus service? Do you use it?


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Where do you want to see more trees in your village?

We all want to see more trees and we can all play a part in deciding where they are planted. There are a number of organisation keen to give local authorities and communities trees in order to increase tree cover, to absorb carbon emissions and to provide natural habitat for wildlife.

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Taking action to protect bees!

Last week in Wheldrake Ward we wildflower sowed 7000 square metres of verge on the approach to Wheldrake from Escrick. A big thank you to the volunteers, from the village and from the Nature Reserve team at Wheldrake Ings, who all helped to prepare the ground and sow the seed. We are looking forward to new summer flowers and loads more bees.


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