Ward funding used to boost maths support for young people locally

Rawcliffe and Clifton Without councillors granted £2260 in ward committee funding to Maths Monkeys CIC, in order to offer free maths tuition to local school-age children. 


The ward funding ensured Maths Monkeys CIC, a local Community Interest Company set up and run for the benefit of the community, were able to offer support to children living or going to school in Rawcliffe & Clifton Without. 

This project aimed to prevent children from falling (further) behind. School-age children were offered up to three sessions of one-hour tuition, per week for any child who was required to self-isolate and attends a school, or lives, within the Rawcliffe and Clifton Without ward.

This included the first session to assessing where children were with their maths ability so tutors could support, and potentially bridge any gaps. 

As well as tuition, many participants also received packs for use at home. Packs included:

o A letter introducing Maths Monkeys CIC and making them aware of the free Maths tuition on offer to their children if they need to self isolate. The letter also signposted to their website – where there are free games available to download.
o 1-6 dice x2 and 0-9 dice x2. This provided every child with dice for the games they can download from the website. It also means if they were to self-isolate they will able to play the games at their end during the tuition via zoom.
o Maths Monkeys CIC contact card 

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