Vanguard Tree Planting

When the Vangarde development gained planning permission there was a requirement to plant trees around the site.

Your Lib Dem Councillors are continually looking for areas to plant more trees and having worked with managers at Vangarde for several years we asked if it would be possible to plant more trees.

Our request was greeted with enthusiasm by Vangarde managers. The Lib Dem Councillor with responsibility for Climate Change arranged for the Environment Agency to provide trees and work with Vangarde to make it happen. This follows the tansy beetle project that we reported in FOCUS last year on the University of St John site. It is also excellent that Huntington Parish Council are also planning to plant trees.

Planting trees is one part of tackling climate change and we want to work with others in our community. We have explored other potential sites such as grass verges but often there are buried utility facilities in the grass verge that preclude tree planting. It is not always as easy as it first appears.

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