Tory MPs must hold the Prime Minister accountable

Councillors have today called on Julian Sturdy MP and his Conservative colleagues to hold the Prime Minister to account as the damning Sue Gray report is published and the Partygate scandal comes to a head.


Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, commented:

“Whilst people across York obeyed lockdown rules, often at huge personal cost to keep each other safe as the virus gripped the city, the Prime Minister broke the law and held illegal parties. The details in this damning report will further anger and upset so many people who made unimaginable personal sacrifices during the pandemic.

"Prime Minister’s actions and words directly and continuously undermined trust in crucial public health rules, making the job of committed local Public Health teams and key workers even more complicated.

"Enough is enough. Conservative MPs cannot continue to allow our great country to be run by a Prime Minister who broke the law then repeatedly lied about it. As the Prime Minister is not willing to do the honourable thing and resign, it’s finally time Julian Sturdy MP and his Conservative colleagues hold their party leader to account. It’s time letters of no-confidence in the Prime Minister are submitted to finally end this chaos.”

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