Support for Local Residents in Need


At a time when many residents are facing financial hardship due to the rising costs of food, fuel, gas and electricity, the local Lib Dem councillor team is working to make sure that residents get the help and support that they need.

As well as the in-person support and advice that is available at the weekly Hub sessions at Foxwood and Chapelfields, Citizens Advice York runs an outreach service for Westfield ward residents. To book an appointment, call 0808 278 7895 or complete an online form at

Support is available through the York Financial Assistance Fund and Household Support Fund. More info is at If you haven’t received your £150 council tax rebate and don’t pay by direct debit, you can apply at or phone 0300 373 0727 and a member of staff can complete the form on your behalf.

Grants are also available to help fund improvements for low income households through the Home Upgrade Grant, regardless of whether you own or privately rent. Grants can help to fund insulation and solar panels. For more details, go to

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