Revised Tadcaster Road proposals published for consultation

Further details of measures designed to support cycling, walking and bus use along the Tadcaster Road corridor have been published, with feedback invited by 27th June.

After a previous round of engagement in August and September 2021, council officers committed to engage further, in particular with residents in the Slingsby Grove area, on the finer details of the measures proposed for that section of the corridor including a new signalised pedestrian crossing. Letters have been sent to households in that area, and the full suite of information is available online at 

There will also be a presentation at the Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Ward Committee meeting on 23 June at St Edwards Church.

Councillor Stephen Fenton is encouraging residents to have their say and respond to the consultation.


The proposals being consulted on include:

  • reducing the existing number of parking spaces by two (one on either side of Tadcaster Road, north of Slingsby Grove), leaving a total of nine spaces (five on the Slingsby Grove side and four on the racecourse side)
  • a new location for the pedestrian crossing to provide a safe place for people who park in the southbound layby, and for residents who live in the Hunters Way estate, to get to the shops, bus stop and beyond

  • a stepped cycle track between The Horseshoe and Slingsby Grove. The cycle way would be higher than the road but lower than the footway, and is divided by a kerb, providing some protection for people cycling from motorised traffic

  • new cycle lane bollards at strategic locations along the route. These highly visible plastic bollards will clearly indicate the cycle lane, to help provide additional protection to people cycling from motorised traffic. The cycle lanes will also be surfaced green, across the mouth of side roads, to highlight their presence to other road users

The proposed works will be funded by £1.4m from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. This is money that cannot be spent on general highway maintenance.

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