Comment on Prime Minister's resignation

Read below a comment from the York Liberal Democrats on the news that Boris Johnson is to resign as Prime Minister. 


Carol Runciman, Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Health and Adult Social Care, commented:


“It is good news that Boris Johnson has finally accepted that it is time for him to go for the sake of our country. Johnson may be going but his legacy will leave a stain on the Conservative Party that can't be removed. The public won't forget that Conservative MPs have for years backed and defended him, supported his divisive agenda and failed to tackle the urgent problems facing our country.


“The events of the last few months will leave a lasting mark on our democracy and history. The outgoing PM has abused the trust and patience of the British people, attacked our democratic institutions and tarnished our international reputation.  


“At this time of unprecedented national and international crisis, the unacceptable and ridiculous political theatre that has taken place during Johnson’s premiership will be remembered as a highly alarming episode in our country’s history.


“It would be thoroughly unacceptable for him to stay in No 10 a minute longer. He must leave now and let whoever is left in this shambolic Government try to focus on many of the major issues facing our country.”


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