Petition launched to put pressure on private parking company to change track

Three weeks after calling for the private parking company at Tower Court to do the decent thing, the local Lib Dem Councillors for Rawcliffe and Clifton Without have launched a petition to increase pressure on the company. The petition calls for the parking company and the owners of Tower Court to relax parking enforcement during the Covid-19 period, commit to fully review the rules, and refund local residents that have been unfairly hit with fines.

One of the many local residents hit with fines was the husband of a vulnerable person who was collecting medication. After visiting Tower Court, they realised that items had been missed from her prescriptions. Her husband returned as she was needing the vital missing medication. However as he had returned to the car park within two hours, he received a parking charge notice. 

Cllr Waudby wrote to the parking company asking them to cancel the notice, however they have refused, pointing instead towards their complicated appeal process. The resident's appeal has since been rejected by the ARDPark and, to avoid extra stress, the resident felt that they had to pay, which they have now done. 

Owners of Tower Court, Boultbee Brooks Real Estate, reportedly earn over £440k in rental income from the units at Tower Court (as of 2018), and yet continue to allow ARDPark to fine residents £60 for visiting twice within two hours.

Cllr Sam Waudby commented: "It’s time the owners and parking enforcement agency at Tower Court stopped charging the many local residents who mistakenly break the confusing and arbitrary restrictions, especially during this time of national crisis.

"We’re now petitioning both ARDPark and Boultbee Brooks Real Estate to relax the policy immediately, refund residents hit with fines, and review the system in the long term. I’m pleased that in the first 24 hours of the petition going live, over 120 residents have signed already.

“We want to work with Tower Court, local residents, businesses and the Council to find solutions to the well-known parking problems in the local area – but it’s clear fining residents £60 for shopping locally is not the answer.”

Residents can sign the petition online at


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