Peer Challenge highlights city’s success in tackling the pandemic

The Outbreak Management Peer Challenge, conducted by experienced elected member and officer peers from the Local Government Association, has highlighted the success of the city-wide collaborative approach in tackling the pandemic.


The scope of the peer challenge was to explore City of York Council’s approach to Covid 19 outbreak management. After conducting interviews and reviewing a range of documents and processes in place, the peer team have concluded their findings in a far-ranging report, which speaks highly of the Council’s and partner response to the pandemic.

The feedback report, to be presented at the City of York Outbreak Management Advisory Board meeting later today (7th April), particularly notes the exemplary work and leadership on the Council’s public health team, effectiveness and extent of partnership working, adaptation and innovation in the face of unpredicted challenges, city-wide communication as well as long term planning and approach to recovery.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Leader of the City of York Council, commented:

“Whilst we have by no means reached the end of the pandemic, it is incredibly useful to reflect and learn lessons on what has worked, and what we can do better going forward. Our approach to tackling the biggest crisis our city has experienced in recent times has been one of close partnership working and city-wide effort. The incredible work of our public health team, frontline staff and partners has been rightly recognized as crucial in protecting the city and particularly our most vulnerable residents.

“As a city we can be rightly proud of our collective response to the pandemic, and we must now keep going, showing the same resilience and spirit as we have throughout this crisis.”

Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for Health and Adult Social Care, added:

“The greatest testament to the efforts of our public health team and partners is the continuing decline in Coronavirus cases across the city. There is much that we can learn from our response to the pandemic now that we are moving towards recovery and a new normal. We will work to embed the partnership working and community resilience to continue to tackle the inequalities and longer-term challenges facing our city.”

Full feedback report can be found here:

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