New investment in frontline services, communities, and carbon reduction

New budget proposals for 2019/2020 from the Liberal Democrat and Green Partnership have been agreed by Council, with significant investment due for frontline services, the city’s highways network, carbon reduction measures and work with communities.


The new budget proposals, which will now act as a ‘mid-year’ budget to kick start new initiatives, are the first step in achieving the Administration’s ambitions to deliver on resident’s priorities and reaching carbon neutrality by 2030.

The budget will use contingency funding and an underspend from the current year, in order to address issues such as graffiti, community safety, cutting carbon emissions and improving road repairs. Funding will also be used to support Children’s and Adult Social Care services, so the Council can continue to protect the most vulnerable in the city.

Key proposals include:

- £47K to tackle graffiti on private premises;
- £66K to create a Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Officer and capacity budget;
- £43K for new recycling, litter and dog waste bins;
- £250K to create a new Safer Communities Fund;
- £2 million for road maintenance, improvements to footways and investment in the city’s pedestrian and cycle infrastructure;
- £250K for new play equipment in new and existing play areas;
- £325K for Children’s Social Services
- £10K to ensure all care leavers in their first year of leaving do not pay council tax;
- £385K for Adult Social Care Services.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council, commented:

“I am delighted that Council has approved our new budget and that we can begin to make way on our priorities for the next four years; increasing investment in the city’s frontline services, prioritising clean growth and ensuring those services which care for our most vulnerable remain supported.”

“As a result of our budget being approved, £2 million will now be used to improve our roads and footways, and pedestrian and cycling infrastructure; a new £250,000 Safer Communities Fund will be created to help improve working with our local neighbourhoods and over £650,000 to will be invested in in Children’s and Adult Social Care services.”

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