Moor Lane rail compound – drop-in session on 8 December

Network Rail have organised a drop-in session for local residents on Wednesday 8 December to discuss plans for a temporary compound on land next to the railway line off Moor Lane in Woodthorpe. The event will be held at York College from 4pm to 7pm. Local councillors were made aware of the event in an e-mail from Network Rail on Monday 6 December, though we understand that there has been a letter drop to households near the compound site.

Earlier this year councillors called on Network Rail to engage with local residents about the plans after they announced their plans to establish a compound on Moor Lane to support upgrade work on the line between York and Church Fenton. The initial plans would have seen the compound located 40 metres away from homes on Moor Lane. News of the plans led directly to the sale of a home falling through at the last minute, causing the residents considerable distress.

Cllr Stephen Fenton called on Network Rail to pause their plans and listen to the concerns expressed by local residents. Then in April Network Rail announced that they were proposing to move the compound further downfield to help reduce both visual and noise disturbance from the site.

In their latest e-mail to Cllr Fenton on 6 December, Network Rail said:

“This compound will be vital in enabling us to carry out major track improvement work as part of our Transpennine Route Upgrade, which will allow more frequent, more reliable, faster, greener trains between York, Leeds and Manchester. For a number of months our project team have been investigating what they can do to minimise disruption and intrusion for lineside neighbours and the local community.

Following feedback, we have now been able to move the site of the compound further down the field and additional shielding will be provided by a topsoil barrier. Both these mitigations will help reduce both visual and noise disturbance from the site to residents while we carry out these major upgrade works. We continue to work with City of York Council to obtain agreement to widen the main access gate to assist large vehicles to enter and exit the site.

It is planned that the compound will be active from 15 February 2022 until approximately July 2024. It will only be in operation when required, which will not be for the entirety of this period, but when in use the compound will be operating up to 24-hours a day, which will generate a low to moderate level of noise.

Below is a diagram showing the improved location and layout of the temporary compound. The machine stabling will be placed furthest away from the houses to reduce noise and disturbance. The compound will include:  

  • Temporary office 
  • Staff welfare facility and toilet units
  • Containers for storage   
  • Fuel bowser and generator
  • Car parking spaces”

Cllr Stephen Fenton commented “I’m pleased that Network Rail have organised this event to provide residents with an opportunity to quiz the Network Rail team about the plans and the impact that the compound is likely to have on neighbouring households. I remain concerned in particular about the proposed vehicular access arrangements onto Moor Lane – I note that Network Rail is in contact with council officers about this and would hope and expect there to be a thorough safety assessment undertaken.”

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