Local Plan: Liberal Democrats encourage residents to ensure their voice is heard

The next stage in the development of York’s Local Plan is currently underway and York’s Liberal Democrat Councillors are encouraging residents to give their feedback to central Government.

The ‘York’s Local Plan – how to make your comments to government’ booklet, which has been delivered to households, provides residents the opportunity to outline their thoughts on the current draft of York’s Local Plan.

The Liberal Democrats are keen to ensure residents provide their feedback to the Government and consider the following five points when filling in the consultation booklet:

  • The housing figure – Does the plan strike the right balance between growth and reality?
  • Protection of Greenbelt – Does the plan preserve York’s unique character?
  • Balance between the views of residents and government policy – Does the plan incorporate the views of residents?
  • With population figures predicted to be lower than estimated, does the plan provide enough houses for the people of York?
  • From delivering roughly 500 houses per annum, to nearly 1000 house per annum, do you think the plan will improve affordability in York?

Councillor Nigel Ayre, Liberal Democrat Chair of the Local Plan Working Group, said:

"The Local Plan is one of the most significant strategic documents for the City of York, as it will determine how York develops over the next 15 years.”

“It is absolutely essential that we deliver a plan that addresses the local pressures in our housing market, but at the same time, guarantees the protection of the greenbelt and York’s natural beauty through the regeneration of Brownfield sites.”

“I would strongly encourage all residents to fill out their consultation booklet and by doing so, ensure that their views are heard by central Government and that ultimately, the Local Plan reflects their vision for the future of York.”

“Over the consultation period, developers will ensure their voices are on record to protect their interests; it is crucial that residents do the same.”

If you require assistance in responding the consultation, or you would like to know more information on how the Local Plan affects your community; then please do not hesitate to contact your local Ward Councillors or the Council directly at [email protected].


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