Local Lib Dems object to Water Lane Self Storage application

Local Lib Dems in Rawcliffe & Clifton Without have objected to a planning application to build a self storage facility on Water Lane, next to the Aldi store. 


For details of the planning application please see here. Your local Lib Dems will make representations on behalf of our local community to the planning meeting and any forthcoming site visits. Below is the letter of objection sent to the council from Rawcliffe & Clifton Without Lib Dems: 

Dear officer,

We would like to raise objections to the proposed erection of a self storage facility on Water Lane. Ref: 17/03004/FULM.

We wish to object to the planning application on the following grounds.

Not in keeping with the local area
The structure proposed is not in keeping with the local area in which it will be situated. A predominately residential area, there will be homes (Red Row estate) within meters of the proposed structure. With the structures elevation higher than 12.5m, this structure would tower over the domestic dwellings if built, impacting the quality of life for the residents in these homes. In the surrounding area, the tallest structures are the two-story houses and the single-story Aldi store - this proposed structure would dwarf this structures and in short, be an eye-sore. A local self-storage facility would be better placed at the industrial estates on Clifton Moor Gate, where there are not as many residential properties.

Not the best value from the site
The proposed self storage facility will not employ sufficient people to negate the disadvantages outlined above. The site could be used more effectively, through a greater employment or filling a need on the community. The need for a self storage facility in the local community has not been evidenced in this application.

We look forward to hearing that this objection has been noted, and hope that City of York Council will recommend that councillors reject this planning application.

Yours sincerely,

Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Liberal Democrats

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