Liberal Democrats launch Haxby & Wigginton fracking petition

Local Liberal Democrats in Haxby & Wigginton have launched a new petition calling on energy companies to not frack in York.



Currently, the Government is launching a consultation on proposals to accelerate fracking in our region by allowing planning applications to become ‘permitted development’. This would, in effect, by-pass the normal public planning decision process and remove York’s local influence on any fracking proposals.

The Liberal Democrats believe that these proposals are a direct infringement on the ability of local people to exercise their democratic rights in influencing fracking applications.


Cllr Ian Cuthbertson, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Haxby & Wigginton, commented:

"There is huge concern amongst many local residents in Haxby & Wigginton about the environmental impact of fracking."

"Fracking is not the solution to the country’s growing energy problems; other sources of energy, including renewable, are fast making any plans to introduce fracking irrelevant. This proposal is another step in Tory efforts to roll back the green agenda, which Liberal Democrats fought hard for whilst in government."

"The recent suggestions by Government to fast-track fracking are a direct attack on York’s ability to influence decisions which affect its own residents and their property. I would strongly encourage everyone in Haby & Wigginton to sign our petition and let the Government know that fracking will not be accepted in Haxby & Wigginton."


If you would like to add your name to the fracking petition, please visit:

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