Liberal Democrats launch £13 million ‘Fair deal for York’ campaign

In York, we have been disproportionally affected by the Conservative Government’s cuts to public services. This means that local services have been continuously under-funded, particularly when compared to other areas in the UK.

Many service areas in York remain at the very bottom of funding tables when compared across the UK.  For example, schools in York remain the worst funded in the country for per-pupil funding; York’s CCG continues to operate with a deficit over £20 million and investment in the Yorkshire & Humber’s transport infrastructure significantly lacks behind London, the South East and even the North West.

To highlight this important issue, Liberal Democrat councillors are kick-starting a ‘Fair deal for York’ campaign, calling on the Government to reverse the underfunding of public services in the city.

As part of a ‘Fair deal for York’, the Liberal Democrats are also calling for the following:

  • Ensure schools in the City can receive an income boost. York’s current area cost adjustment multiplier is set at 0%, meaning that schools in York receive no uplift.
  • Additional funding to create GP-led, multi-disciplinary health and care hubs, including mobile services, to keep people out of hospital.
  • A one-off investment to renew and upgrade cycle routes in the City.

According to figures proposed by Leicestershire County Council, who have developed an alternative fair funding model, York could receive an additional £13 million per year, or an extra £61 per resident, if funding were to be redistributed based on need.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of the York Liberal Democrat councillors, commented:

“It is no secret that when it comes to funding, York does not fare well when compared to the majority of areas in the UK. The recent Conservative Government cuts to public services have only exacerbated this issue and now, public services in York are operating with minimal funding.”

“The Liberal Democrats are clear; it is time York received a fair deal from the Government and that services receive funding based on need and demographics, rather than a postcode lottery.”

“I would strongly encourage any resident who agrees it is time York received its share of funding, including for your community and services you care about, to join our campaign and call on the Government to give York a fair deal. This would include the additional £13 million per year to meet the needs of the city."

The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, added:

“It is time York received its fair share. We are calling on local people to join us in demanding that the Conservative Government stops short-changing schools, health services and transport in York.”

If you would like to see a ‘Fair deal for York’, or if you would like more information on the campaign, then please visit to join the campaign and add your voice to the many others campaigning for better local services in York.



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