Julian Sturdy MP must call for PM’s resignation

York’s Liberal Democrat councillors are calling on the Conservative MP Julian Sturdy to hold the Prime Minister to account, following the revelation that he organised and attended illegal parties in Downing Street at the height of lockdown. 


Analysis of the latest official figures show that 3,989 Fixed Penalty Notice fines were issues in North Yorkshire for breaches of various Covid laws between 27th March 2020 and 17th October 2021.

Following the outcry in December after it was revealed that several parties had been held in Westminster during lockdown, York Outer's MP vowed to 'be vocal in holding those responsible to account' if rules were broken.

Now, as further damning revelations about the Prime Minister holding and attending parties have come to light, councillors are calling on Mr Sturdy to ‘walk the talk’ and express his lack of confidence in the Prime Minister.


Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for Health and Adult Social Care, commented:


"Julian Sturdy MP must walk the talk, as promised, and hold his party leader to account. It’s time he submitted his letter of no-confidence in the Prime Minister.

“Whilst people across York obeyed the lockdown rules, often at huge personal cost to keep each other safe as the virus gripped the city, the Prime Minister ignored rules and held illegal parties.

 "It's clear that Boris Johnson has never believed the rules apply to him; around self-isolation, mask wearing, or throwing social events. Trust in crucial public health messaging and rules have been undermined by this Government, making the job of local Public Health teams even more complicated.

"Enough is enough. This Government and this Prime Minister must be held accountable. He has become a threat to health of our nation, and for the sake of the country still gripped by this awful pandemic he must resign.”


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