Haxby & Wigginton Drainage Issues

Councillor Ian Cuthbertson has now had a meeting with members of the Council's drainage team. They explained that, while some of the problems could be dealt with quickly, others will take time to understand and deal with, while a number will need longer-term monitoring or measuring work to determine exactly what caused them. Different problems cause different effects according to their location and the layout/levels of both the gullies at surface level and the sewers and connecting points below ground.

A number of issues with the surface water drains have already been dealt with since the mid-August downpour and others are in the process of being dealt with yet many items are still ongoing from the huge list of problems across the city which were reported
after the downpour..

Some issues arise solely because of new material being washed into the drains by the rainfall itself), while others come from sand, silt and debris which has accumulated over time depending on flat spots or variations in the fall between gully drains and the points in the system which merge the various flows and take them away from the area.

Other issues (eg from lengths of sewer which are not carrying the expected flow or arising from incorrect level differences between inflow and outflow pipes in a chamber) may only be solved by excavations, level adjustments and possibly fitting replacement parts; these would be longer-term solutions.

We expect to follow this initial report shortly with some more detailed information about the various different parts of our two villages.

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