Fulford flood update as river levels fall

Below you will find a further about flood levels and Fordlands Road.


Recent data is showing that river levels on the Ouse have thankfully started to drop as of the 21st of January and this is expected to fall slowly over the weekend. Based on the slow fall in river levels, it is expected that Fordlands Road will hopefully become passable over the weekend, and the Council’s Highways team will prioritise cleaning of the highway when water recedes below the carriageway level, so the road can re-open again.


With a saturated catchment and more rain/snow forecast next week, the temporary scaffold bridge will remain in place whilst water is still present on the road. This will be reviewed next week, in order to keep you safe and to analyse how the river levels are dropping and take into account long-range weather forecasts.

Some residents have also asked me about the farmer’s road, which I know we are pleased was opened but is in a bad condition. As a thank you gesture, the Council has already agreed to carry out some repairs to the road after this flood incident and discussions will take place with the farmer.

The Council has a recovery group established, which has started today and clean-up work will begin as receding waters allow. I am expecting to receive more detail on the recovery programme on Monday, which I am happy to share.

I’ll also be arranging a virtual community meeting early this year to provide an update on our campaign and progress on the joined-up flood plan for Fulford. I will make sure to contact residents with further details soon. 

Alongside high river levels, sub-zero temperatures are forecast over the coming days. With the chance of significant areas of standing water freezing, the council is encouraging people to stay at home and stay safe, particularly whilst national restrictions remain in place to reduce the spread of the virus.

Although river levels have now peaked, it is vital that we all remain vigilant both to the risks of standing water, along with cold temperatures and the ongoing risks of coronavirus.

Our frontline teams will remain on standby over the weekend to monitor the situation and also for gritting the city’s road network. We’ll, of course, continue to remain on standby for as long as required and our clean-up operation will start once river levels fall. 

I would like to thank our excellent frontline teams, our partners and local communities across the city for their commitment and dedication in responding to these challenges and protecting our city. I would also like to thank residents for their patience and understanding, and for pulling together to support each other and our teams during their work.


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For travel advice listen to your local radio and news services, or follow @york_travel and @CityofYork on twitter.

Visit www.itravelyork.info/  for links to bus operator information and the impact of flood levels on travel options

For more information on floods in York, including advice on how to prepare, visit www.york.gov.uk/floods



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