£4.9m package secured for joined Fulford flood defences

Following two successful petitions and campaign efforts over a number of years, Cllr Keith Aspden is delighted to report that £2m from the Council has been proposed to unlock an up to £4.9m package to complete the joined-up flood defence work for Fulford. 


In the Council budget for 2021/22 (to be confirmed on 25th February 2021) £2m is proposed for the delivery of the scheme. This new £2 million will then unlock the £600,000 already agreed by the Council, £1m for flood schemes, and a new £1.3m contribution from partners, primarily the Environment Agency. 

In the wake of Storm Dennis and recurrent flooding affecting the A19, Fordlands Road and Fordlands Crescent communities, Keith relaunched his campaign last year for a joined-up flood plan. Keith has long campaigned with local residents and representatives from the Parish Council to secure additional funding for flood defences, and previously secured the £600,000 for new flood defences.

The proposed solution, which can now be funded with the up to £4.9m, consists of the following:

● The flood wall to be extended to tie into high ground and allow access to the pumping station;
● New flap valve to be installed on the existing Germany Beck Culvert;
● New pumping station to be installed.

Further information, on community consultation, planning and designs, will be sent to local residents this year. The outline business case of the proposal has already been completed. With the new funding in place, by the end of September 2021, detailed designs and planning approvals will now be progressed. Following consideration of construction partners, the scheme could then be built in late 2021 or spring 2022.

Cllr Keith Aspden commented:

“After years of petitions and campaigning with local residents, I am delighted that a £4.9 million funding package has been drawn together. This is a very significant step forward for our local community. We know that due to the recurrent flooding locally that there is a need for an improved and joined-up flood plan, not one that just protects the A19 and Germany Beck, but gives attention to protecting the Fordlands Road and Fordlands Crescent communities.

“We now need to make sure that this scheme happens as quickly as possible, with detailed designs and planning approvals this year. Local residents must be consulted openly and honestly on any designs, in order to ensure any scheme meets the wider community’s needs, before any future flood events.”

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