Fresh calls for an improved flood plan for Fulford

In the wake of Storm Dennis, Cllr Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulford and Heslington, has reiterated calls for a joined-up flood plan for Fulford, following recurrent flooding on Fordlands Road.


Cllr Aspden has long campaigned with local residents and representatives from the Parish Council to secure additional funding for flood defences in the community, and previously, successfully secured up to £600,000 from the Council for new flood defences, such as a permanent pump in the area.

Following Storm Dennis, Fordlands Road in Fulford was closed due to flood water on Monday 17th February, but has now opened again today as the flood levels start to fall. Additional flood defences were put into place, letters were delivered the day before, a Red Cross 4x4 vehicle was provided to support residents and over 400 sandbags were delivered to the area.

However, Cllr Aspden has challenged partners, including the Environment Agency, to spend the secured funding and deliver the new defence scheme urgently. With work continuing on Germany Beck and the recent completion of the A19 flood defence walls, the funding now needs to be used to build further flood resilience for the Fordlands Road area, in order to protect the wider community.

Cllr Aspden has already launched his petition calling for a better flood plan for Fulford, which has been supported by hundreds of residents. Residents can show their support and still sign the petition, which will be submitted to the Environment Agency, here:


Councillor Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Fulford & Heslington, said:

“With the recent flooding caused by Storm Dennis, it has once again highlighted the need for an improved and joined-up flood plan for Fulford. Now that the flood defence wall on the A19 is complete and works are continuing of Germany Beck, it is crucial that attention is given to protecting the Fordlands Road and Fordlands Crescent area, to ensure residents are not cut off.”

“Local residents must be consulted openly and honestly on any proposal, in order to ensure any scheme meets the wider community’s needs, before any future flood events. I will continue to call for the community to have their say, lobby for more funding and to ensure quicker work is delivered.”

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