Council brings public meetings online during extended lockdown

The council has set up virtual meetings online to ensure council business can proceed during the extended lockdown period.


City of York Council will host the next Executive meeting online on 7 May 2020.

Council staff have been working to enable and support new virtual meetings, so local residents and organisations can engage with Council business during the outbreak of coronavirus. This work includes supporting the requirement to host safe and secure, virtual meetings online.

Members of the public who want to speak at meetings will be encouraged to contact the Council’s Democratic Services Team, as usual, and register to speak.  Those who register to speak will then be provided further details on how they can dial into the public meeting and contribute.

Cllr Aspden, Leader of the Council, City of York Council, said;

"When our last Executive meeting took place in March, we outlined how an urgent decision making process would be put in place to enable the council to respond effectively and swiftly to the outbreak of coronavirus, providing support for individuals, communities and businesses.

"Now, with our response to the pandemic underway, it is crucial that the Council facilitates virtual meetings to ensure residents, organisations and councillors across the city can engage with Council business. Staff have been working hard to ensure that the use of suitable technology can enable public meetings to take place online and that the residents of York can continue to participate in council decision making.  This will be a gradual transition, with the first meeting of the Executive to take place on Thursday 7 May, with public meetings of the Planning and Licensing Committees to follow soon after.

"The Council will continue to focus its efforts on responding to the coronavirus pandemic, but we do want to ensure that we provide the opportunity to engage with the Council.”

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