York’s Liberal Democrats voice concerns on Covid Passports

With the Government still considering the rollout of covid vaccination ID scheme, York’s Liberal Democrat councillors have hit out at the liberty, efficiency and implementation concerns over the plans.


Councillor Andrew Waller, Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning, commented:

“Whilst there is a lack of clarity regarding what venues would require vaccination identification, I have genuine concerns that by giving the Government a free pass to roll out such ID cards we could be setting a dangerous precedent. This could see business recovery and our personal freedoms directly impacted.
“Based on their past attempts, the thought of a Government controlled app holding your most personal details and acting as a passport to freedoms should be of concern.

“It's absolutely right to have a certification to travel internationally whilst we’re still in a health emergency. A Covid passport, if required for smaller facilities and businesses, however, risks creating a two-tier society. This would leave those unable to take the vaccine, unable to access an online application and young people, barred from those businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, relying on them for survival.

“For local businesses, this would come as a major burden at a time when they are focusing their efforts of survival and recovery. Local businesses have already made it clear to me that this would not only be unnecessary but could also lead to further expenditure, loss of costumers and possibly cause unnecessary confrontation.

“Apart from this being a liberty and business efficiency issue, most recent scientific data is clear that vaccination does not give a 100% protection against infection, and so it should not be seen as a certainty of immunity and instead management of risk. There are better ways the significant amount of money expected to be spent on such a scheme could be used, starting with much-needed support for businesses and management of a safe reopening of venues.

“There must be a comprehensive consultation with businesses followed by a democratic, comprehensive debate and vote on any such plans by elected representatives. These are decisions which have the scope to directly impact our lives for a significant time to come.”

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