News in Brief

A collection of short news pieces from around Rural West York Ward

Sinkholes and Sewers

After two households contacted Cllr Hook because they could not flush their toilets, shower or wash clothes, she helped them contact Yorkshire Water who found a collapsed sewer in Longridge Lane, which had caused the sewers to back up almost to the Co-op. It took a long time to resolve the issue for the residents, so she wrote to the CEO of Yorkshire Water to complain and Cllr Hook now has a direct contact. Cllr. Hook said, "You should ring 03451 24 24 24 to report when shared drains and sewers become blocked."

Safer Footpaths

Cllr. Hook recently walked around with a Highways Engineer to show him problem footpaths, potholes and other Highways issues. He will investigate a new way to smooth out some footpaths, especially those between the Poppleton Centre and the Co-op, using a method which is cheap enough to be covered by ward funding and we await the report.

Visit to Manor School

After Cycle York reported a near miss close to Manor School because of parked cars on Millfield Lane, Cllr Hook arranged a meeting with the school, Cycle York and City of York Council. Some possible solutions were suggested and several vehicles were recorded which had parked on yellow lines for up to 25 minutes with their engines idling, thereby adding to air pollution and carbon emissions.

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